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Is easy to cancel?

Yes. If for any reason Webinar JEO doesn’t become the perfect webinar tool for your business, it’s very easy to cancel. Simply send our friendly customer support team an email requesting cancellation and your subscription will be cancelled immediately. You can reach our support team HERE

How will I be billed?

“Securely”, is the quick answer. And depending on whether you choose a yearly or monthly plan your account will be debited on the same day each month or year for the same amount as you pay today.

I’m using a Mac/PC, will people using a different system be able to view recordings easily?

Yes. Webinar JEO’s entire system is universally compatible. No matter what you record, and what system it gets viewed on, people will have an excellent viewing experience.

What can I do with Webinar JEO?

You can do a lot. Webinar JEO lets you host unlimited webinars for an unlimited amount of attendees… It is being used for lead generation, sales, coaching and consulting, building brand awareness, and even holding team meetings… You also have 5 different types of webinar that you can employ in your business depending on your needs… See Webinar JEO’s full features here

Can you explain “Recorded-Live” events?

Yes. “Recorded-Live” events are where Webinar JEO really outshines the competitors. Webinar JEO lets you host pre-recorded webinars as if they were live. This allows you to still be in the room while the recording is playing… which means you have the time to use Webinar JEO’s full suite of interactive marketing and sales tools to boost engagement on multiple levels. You can answer all questions as they arise, you can drop in polls, quizzes, you can add live triggers and sales promotions without ever missing a beat in the presentation… and a lot more.

What is Hybrid Marketing?

Short answer: It’s a powerful and effective way to capture, communicate and convert more leads via webinars.

Long Answer: Webinar JEO has built in lead generation, attendee management, and professional sales tools, as well as the ability to create webinars that seamlessly deploy all of these tools to give Webinar JEO users a staggering competitive advantage. Check out the FAQ question directly above: “Q. Can you explain “Recorded-Live” events?

Is there a tutorial?

Yes. There is complete tutorial videos in your dashboard when you sign in.

Is it really unlimited?

Yes. Run unlimited webinars. Both Live events and Evergreen events. We won't charge you more for storage of your recordings or the amount of events. Although we technically don't have an attendee limit, because of the way we have built to scale, We would suggest that 500 live attendees is the ideal upper limit.

Will it work on my computer, tablet, phone?

Yes. Yes. Yes. And it’ll work on your audience’s devices too.

What’s the difference between Webinar JEO and the rest?

A lot. It’s a really big question. The biggest point of difference is Webinar JEO won’t limit you, or charge you extra for more attendees, and you have far more control over your webinar formats... But here’s a link to a handy comparison table where you can see at a glance how far ahead Webinar JEO is from even its closest competitor. See more 

Can I speak to someone?

Yes! We’d be delighted to speak to you in person. You can contact our support team any time. Click Here to access support

Can I download my webinars, and if so what file format will I download them in?

Yes. All your webinars are recorded automatically so you can never forget. Then they’re quickly processed for you to download in mp4 format, making them universally playable.

Can I have multiple presenters?

Yes. Webinar JEO’s intuitive interface and rock-solid streaming makes it easy to add them, remove them, and share screens with them, plus a lot more. Although you can only have ONE person showing their screen or camera at any one time, you can have up to 10 on the audio all talking to the audience in a round table environment…

Can you tell me more about how the interactive whiteboard works?

Yes. Webinar JEO’s interactive whiteboard is a presenter’s dream. It’s the closest thing you can get to all being in the same room, at the same time.  It allows you to communicate your message effectively with your audience by drawing on slides, creating diagrams on the fly, uploading images, that become editable, to multiple whiteboards… you have to see it to believe it!

How does my 30-day guarantee work?

Simple. Choose the plan that best suits you. Yearly or Monthly. Then create as many webinars as you like during the next 30 days. Have as many attendees as you can squeeze into your virtual room. And if for any reason you are not 100% convinced you’ve made the right choice, a single email to our friendly support team will see you refunded in full, without delay. No questions asked.

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