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What we have added and what’s coming with Webinar JEO

See the product roadmap from the WJ dashboard

V1.1191 – released  12/04/2017

Bug fix: Fixed the bug that was causing some WJ emails to go to Spam folder
Improvement: Better handling when switching presenter
Improvement: Reduced the delay on very big webinars

V1.1190 – released  06/04/2017

Bug fix: Fixed the bug with the ‘Participant’ button
Improvement: Reinstated support for ‘Edge’ browser
ImprovementReinstated ‘MeetingJeo’
New feature: Added “Quality Check” before starting the webinar

V1.1189 – released  30/03/2017

Bug fix: Fixed the bug with autoplay promo video
Improvement: Participants screen refresh
Improvement: Reinstated ‘Facebook Live’

V1.1188 – released  24/03/2017

Bug fix: Small issue on Android phones
Improvement: Better quality for screenshare
Removed: Temporarily removed the support for ‘Facebook Live’

V1.1186 – released  17/03/2017

Bug fix: Number of participants on dashboard
Improvement: Better handling for extra large webinars
ImprovementBetter handling on connections

V1.1184 – released  13/03/2017

Bug fix: Maked the extra registration fields to be mandatory
Improvement: Better error handling
ImprovementCosmetic improvements

V1.1182 – released  07/03/2017

Bug fix: Fixed the bug that was making the chat delayed
Improvement: Better handling on switch presenter
Improvement: Updated the Firefox plugin

V1.1178 – released  28/02/2017

Bug fix: Fixed the bug that was causing the webinar not to refresh
Improvement: Added notification message for EDGE and Safari browsers
Improvement: Quality of video

V1.1149 – released  24/02/2017

Bug fix: Fixed the issue when using Premium Templates
Improvement: Better handling on user count
Removed: Temporarily removed the support for MeetingJeo
New feature: Added ‘Share single application’ for Firefox browser

V1.1142 – released  15/02/2017

Bug fix: Issues with email customization
Improvement: Cosmetic Alignments 
Improvement: Better handling on Webinar Freeze

V1.0.2401 – released  06/02/2017

Bug fix: Fixed the issue with Pre-Recorded webinars
Improvement: Auto refresh when webinar starts
Improvement: Reminder emails
New feature: Added ‘Report’ tab for Pre-Recorded webinars

V1.0.2386 – released  27/01/2017

Bug fix: Fixed the Add to Calendar buttons
Improvement: Private replay on chat
ImprovementNew methods in API
Improvement: Admin and user timezones

V1.0.2371 – released  19/01/2017

Bug fix: Fixed the Unsubscribe option
Improvement: Better quality on ScreenShare
Improvement: Cosmetic fix
New feature: Added support for Mobile browsers 

V1.0.2365 – released  13/01/2017

Bug fix: Audio Issue
Bug fix: Fixed the issue with embed code
Improvement: Better handling on “Media Elements”
Improvement: Better handling for Video on MeetingJeo
Improvement: Facebook Live

V1.0.2335 – released  09/01/2017

Bug fix: SMTP Settings
Improvement: Better handling on “Pay-Per-View”
Improvement: Better handling on ScreenShare option
Improvement: Better handling on Multi-Sim presenters

V1.0.2317 – released  27/12/2016

Bug fix: Chat Transcript – pagination issue
Improvement: Better handling on “Load existing setup”
ImprovementWebinar order in the list, when using “Load existing setup”
New feature: Ability to unmute admin mic when on switch presenter

V1.0.2305 – released  22/12/2016

Bug fix: Missing media elements on pre-recorded
Improvement: Better handling on multi-sim
ImprovementGot back the Facebook Live
New feature: ConvertKit AutoResponder

V1.0.2291 – released  12/12/2016

Bug fix: Missing SS when switch presenter
Improvement: Hover hints for Reports
Temporary removed: Whiteboard, Facebook Live, Hybrid video
New feature: Added screenshare option for MeetingJeo
New feature: Added Firefox Plugin to Download page

V1.0.2283 – released  01/12/2016

Bug fix: Add to calendar buttons
Improvement: Better handling for ActiveCampaign
Improvement: Camera Aspect Ratio
Improvement: Bonuses pages
New feature: Introducing P2P ( no delay )

V1.0.2278 – released  25/11/2016

Bug fix: Browser Support Message
Improvement: New Better version of the WP Plugin
Improvement: Better handling on reports
Improvement: Better handling for Facebook Live
New feature: Introducing MeeetingJeo

V1.0.2267 – released  14/11/2016

Bug fix: Private Chat
Improvement: Ability to change the name in chat
New feature: Reports page for webinars
New Feature: Facebook Live

V1.0.2250 – released  02/11/2016

Bug fix: Invited Users
Improvement: Private Chat Tweaks
New feature: Picture in Picture option
New feature: New Chat UI

V1.0.2241 – released  28/10/2016

Bug fix: Remove Hangout option
Improvement: Extra fields on Registration page
New feature: New Setup Webinar page
New feature: Our own plugin for screenshare on Chrome and Firefox

V1.0.2235 – released  17/10/2016

Bug fix: Screen freezes for admin
Improvement: Changed message when Pre-Recorded webinar has ended
Improvement: Better handling on recordings
New feature: Chat Transcript
New feature: WebinarJeo Android and iOS app

V1.0.2223 – released  04/10/2016

Bug fix: Aspect Ratio
Bug fix: Chat is smaller
Improvement: Better handling for Infusionsoft
Improvement: Arrange Webinars by time
New feature: Embed Codes

V1.0.2217 – released  29/09/2016

Bug fix: Time and date on pre-recorded webinars
Bug fix: WP plugin thank you page
Improvement: Better handling for recording the PPT
Improvement: Better handling for echo on multi-sim
Improvement: Better handling for AWeber

V1.0.2202 – released  22/09/2016

Bug fix: After Webinar email is always send
Bug fix: PPV
Improvement: Media elements on full screen
Improvement: Better handling on Switch Presenter
Improvement: Chat admin – full suite of tools
Improvement: Better handling for Mailchimp

V1.0.2178 – released  14/09/2016

Bug fix: Premium Templates
Improvement: Delay on picture and audio
Improvement: Presenter audio
New feature: Ability to turn on/off the offline questions

V1.0.2160 – released  02/09/2016

Bug fix: Wrong time on emails
Bug fix: Promo video autoplay
Improvement: Better handling on email sending
Improvement: Pixelated Screen on SS
New feature: Sendreach Integration for V3

V1.0.2148 – released  26/08/2016

Bug fix: Wrong time on start
Bug fix: Fixed the issue with date and time changing
Improvement: Better handling for Firefox
Improvement: Better handling on the WordPress plugin
Better handling on Premium Templates
New feature: Added the “CK Editor” for the pages

V1.0.2060 – released  16/08/2016

Bug fix: Replace video on recorded webinars
Bug fix: Uploading promo video
Improvement: Better handling for ‘Ontraport’ auto-responder
Improvement: Better handling on Chat delay
New feature: Tracking code on Pre-Recored webinars
New feature: Ability to add different promo video on the Thank you page

v1.0.1826 – released 29/7/2016

Bug fix: Fixed Firefox for presenters on Mac
Bug fix: Issue with sign up on mobile device
Improvement: Better handling on the delay of sound
New feature: Support for ‘Ontraport’ auto-responder
New feature: Autoresponders on ‘Pre-Recorded’ Webinars

v1.0.1681 – released 18/7/2016

Bug fix: Time and date on Pre-Recorded webinars
Bug fix: Correct timezone in ‘add to calendar’ options

Improvement: Better ‘media elements’ handling
Improvement: Follow up emails after webinar
Improvement: Premium templates
Improvement: Better handling on multi-sim presenters

v1.0.1679 – released 11/7/2016

Bug fix:  Fixed periodic screen share instability
Improvement:  Better PayPal integration with PPV
Improvement:  Better name handling in chat
New feature:  Support for Active Campaign auto-responder

v1.0.1677 – released 8/7/2016

Bug fix:  Issue with hangouts button
Improvement:  Better handling of hangouts player
Improvement:  Spacing on video tab
New feature:  Redirect option for webinar URLs


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