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Using Webinars For Lead Generation And Sales Pre-Qualifying

How you can use Webinars for Lead Generation as Well as Sales And Pre-Qualifying I wonder if this post should actually be broken down into 3 separate ones 🙂 Because the subjects of lead generation, sales and pre qualifying can be contained in their own posts, but for the sake of efficiency – We’ll look at all three. Using Webinars for Lead Generation Personal experience: In the last month, I created two webinars that brought in over 3200 new names and email addresses (opt in subscribers) to my database. Those leads were opt in leads, that had registered to see […]

Immediate Automated Webinars Spell Brilliance For Customer Retention

July 14, 2017 @ 6:30 am
by walterbayliss
Step 1. Automated Webinars When Customers Join Webinars Work. Plain and simple. They work for sales presentations, they work for training, they work for sharing messages – but here’s one thing that webinars are brilliant for, and really can leverage time as well as increase customer retention. They work for ‘onboarding’ customers as soon as they signup with you. Especially if you run this as an automated webinar, as you can do with Webinar JEO. You have an onboarding sequence, showing people exactly how to get started with your program. And enrolling people in that presentation as soon as they […]

Webinar Jeo Online Webinar Software

July 11, 2017 @ 11:00 pm
by walterbayliss
Deliver GREAT Presentations With Webinar JEO Webinar Software Head to http://webinarjeo.com for the best webinar software available today. Webinar JEO makes it so easy to present webinars online, both live and evergreen (recorded) webinars. When you are looking to do online presentations, no matter if it is to one person using our meetings software or to 5000 people and above, Webinar JEO has you covered. Webinars to Facebook Live Webinar JEO also integrates with Facebook live to present you with an online audience that is the biggest in the world! For more details on our Webinar Software, Webinar JEO head […]

Dedicated CHAT App for Desktop chat systems with Webinar JEO

June 26, 2017 @ 4:19 am
by walterbayliss
Keeping the CHAT system on Top While Running Your Webinar Webinar JEO makes it easy to run full screen presentations while keeping your chat system ‘on top’ and invisible from your webinar attendees. Using the dedicated chat app that can be downloaded from the webinar software dashboard, Webinar JEO Chat system will stay on the top of any other window that is running behind it. This allows you to have a full screen presentation, with Powerpoint, or keynote – or even a browser demonstration. What ever you are presenting, you can keep the chat window on the top so that […]

Webinar JEO: How to present with online slides

June 20, 2017 @ 9:17 am
by walterbayliss
Running Online Presentations With Browser based Slides With http://webinarjeo.com you can run in multiple windows. So – Running an online presentation can be simple and easy. In this tutorial – I show that you can use a browser extension in chrome to load up your slides online. this allows you to present in a browser window. SO in Webinar JEO, you start your webinar in screen share mode, and share the window with the slides and browser. You can keep your webinar control panel and chatbox in a seperate window and have both on screen, but your guests only see […]