The System That 6 And 7 Figure Marketers Use To Acheive Results Most Others Only Dream Of

"How To Run Webinars and Online Presentations, Both Live And Evergreen, With A System Tried and Tested Through 30000 Events"

Advanced Tools of Facebook Live Integration
And Unlimited Marketing Campaigns Built In

Today's Session
About the Speaker
Walt Bayliss
Walt Bayliss: Entrepreneur and Software Developer. Founder Of GoJeo and veteran of thousands of online webinars.
Walt has spent 10 years developing software for business and prior to that headed up large sales teams, where he was responsible for putting together million dollar deals across the globe.

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A Webinar System Built For Your Success...

Find out how you can build your marketing and follow up directly into the platform. Unlimited Follow Up System INCLUDED

How does Facebook (tm)
live work with your Webinars - You can broadcast into groups of tens of thousands and never worry about getting registrations!

See how true live streaming and presentation tools make running your live AND Evergreen webinars a breeze

How can you get someone to click on your buy buttons at the HOTTEST time in the presentation and even time the pop up on the replay.

Why running in webinar HYBRID mode will deliver the most faultless and stress free webinars you can ever dream of - constantly delivering sales on autopilot.

WARNING: The Old Webinar Systems Are Costing You Money. Both live and evergreen webinars in one system and advanced marketing tools make presenting a breeze. Make sure you are giving yourself the best chance of success with your presentations.
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