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What is a Webinar and What is a Webinar System

What is a Webinar and What is a Webinar System


What is a webinar? and What is a webinar system?

A webinar, simply put, is a seminar – held online.
Without the costs of hiring a conference room, or meeting space and without needing to fill your calendar with travel.
You can conduct a webinar to one person
or to hundreds of people all from the connection you have on your laptop or computer.

When looking at the question of What is A Webinar, more often than not – the deeper question needs to be, What are you trying to achieve with the webinar you are looking to put on?

A webinar can be both live and evergreen (pre – recorded) and there are advantages and disadvantages to both. A webinar can be conducted as a sales tool or a training presentation.

You can use a webinar as a marketing ‘front end' and an opportunity to talk with potential customers.

A webinar allows you to reach people easily.
LOTS of people

And you can still run a webinar in a one to one or one to a small group.

There are some great systems out there like http://webinarjeo.com that make it easy to have a solid webinar system in your toolkit without having to pay a fortune. It's a great alternative to other webinar systems on the market and has a feature list to really help your webinars achieve their maximum reach.

When you are looking at defining what is a webinar, start by asking the question of what you need the webinar to do.
then – grab a system that allows you to do both live and evergreen (recorded) webinars and get started.

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