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Setting Up An Evergreen Webinar

Setting Up An Evergreen Webinar


Setting Up an Evergreen Webinar

An Evergreen webinar is one that is recorded and then can be played on demand.

You can setup the evergreen webinar to play at specific times for people and this is great, as it allows them to choose when they are going to watch the webinar itself.

When someone puts a date and a time in their calendar, they are more likely to show up and be attending the event itself. Especially if you can get your webinar software to send out reminders to them at the specific times and dates they have opted into.

Webinars take a lot of work, they take time to create and deliver the presentation.

So don't let your live webinar be the end of that work.

You can continue to benefit from the webinar, long after the original presentation has been given.

Set up an evergreen webinar

by using the right webinar software, such as http://webinarjeo.com and you will be able to host that webinar for replay over and over again.

You can also trigger buy buttons and questions and answers at the right time, all while building your list (asset) and being able to communicate with your webinar attendees all the way to sale.

Setting up an evergreen webinar is a terrific way to leverage your existing recordings and with your webinar software, you can even use presentations that have been recorded by other people (so you don't even need to be there!)

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