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Using Webinars For Lead Generation And Sales Pre-Qualifying

Using Webinars For Lead Generation And Sales Pre-Qualifying

How you can use Webinars for Lead Generation as Well as Sales And Pre-Qualifying

I wonder if this post should actually be broken down into 3 separate ones 🙂

Because the subjects of lead generation, sales and pre qualifying can be contained in their own posts, but for the sake of efficiency – We'll look at all three.

Using Webinars for Lead Generation

Personal experience: In the last month, I created two webinars that brought in over 3200 new names and email addresses (opt in subscribers) to my database.
Those leads were opt in leads, that had registered to see one of two webinars that I was putting on.

Leads registered, signed up – and ready for me to communicate with them. Using the built in autoresponder integration with Webinar JEO, that means each one of those leads is also on my greater database no matter if they buy from the two webinars or not.

Using webinars for lead generation is a terrific strategy. It's aligned with the ‘value first' proposition, meaning that the people opting in (subscribing) to the webinars, are doing so because they want the information in the events themselves.

Simple landing pages, right through to complex structures can be built and integrated with the webinars.
Most webinar platforms have both of these covered. With Webinar JEO you have a selection of base templates for example (Which are the ones I used in these two webinar examples) as well as the option to integrate with dedicated site building and lead capture systems like Click Funnels, Profit Builder theme, Lead Pages or Wishloop.

With the value first delivery to any opt in subscribers – Webinars make the perfect ‘first connection'.

Of course, before they even get to the webinar, you can also have automated follow up emails and welcoming communication to have people ready for the event and prepared for the content you are going to share.

So, before we get to the next point about sales – one of the REALLY amazing points about these two webinars is that both events were completely automated 🙂
That's right!
The event was recorded before hand. This gave me the opportunity to edit, delete, redo – and make sure to get the presentation JUST right. Without the stress involved of covering everything live.

On the ‘day and time' of the event, I WAS present – in the chatbox. Answering questions live for people – but the whole presentation itself was pre done.

You can't believe the EASE of doing webinars that way. It's a true blessing. No stress, perfect presentation, still live for questions.
I've never been so relaxed 🙂
We built that evergreen webinar system (also sometimes called a pre recorded webinar system)  into Webinar JEO on purpose, and WOW am I glad we did 🙂

Webinars for lead generation: TICK
Love this model.
A huge quantity of the leads came from COLD traffic, generated from Facebook advertising.
Cold lead, into the funnel via a webinar and BOOM – Now you have someone who has heard and seen your message and you can continue to develop a relationship with you, starting from a terrific base point.

Using Webinars for Sales and Pre Qualifying

Webinars are the new sales model. They make engaging with, presenting to and closing a prospective client simple and easy.
PLUS you can present at scale. You aren't limited to the amount of spots in the calendar. Or by how many sales people you can put on a plane and travel around the country.

Before I started working for myself, I was in a national sales role. Flying all over the country. At one point, I had spent 150 room nights in JUST ONE hotel. (I knew this because they had sent me a bottle of wine and a card to say thank you 🙂 )
It was the typical travelling sales person's role.

My company had accounts all over the country – and my job was to look after them and find new ones.

For me, at the time, it was exciting and adventurous. I don't think it would be these days with a young family and a different perspective.

BUT – for my company…. it was a MASSIVE expense.

Each flight was at least a hundred dollars. And I was on at least one flight per day.

Each hotel room booking was at least $150 (I am being conservative here, as the company looked after us well – and I think it was more). Being away – we always also had a daily meal allowance, hire cars, drycleaning in hotels, etc etc etc.

Now, as someone who runs their own business – I can feel the pinch of each of those items on the profit statement from a long way off.

And the kicker…. There was three of us in the sales team, all doing the same thing.

These days – the very best way for this to be done is via webinar or video conference meeting of some kind.

AT LEAST for the pre-qualifying.

I do recognize, that for some transactions, you are still going to need to be face to face. You are still going to need to be in the room, for trust and understanding of the companies needs. (it's rare that a company will hand over a million dollars for their new ERP software from a simple video conference or walk through)
BUT  –  the amount of ‘first meetings' and introductions that could be handled via online meetings (again, like the multi camera meeting rooms within Webinar JEO ) is significant.

Savings of even a few flights per week, a few hotel rooms here and there, a few hire cars and other expenses can have a huge impact on the profitability of those transactions.

Hundreds and hundreds of dollars saved in each example – easily paying for the investment in the webinar and meeting software that is being used.
(without even mentioning the carbon footprint reduction as well!)

Sales via webinar:

You can easily present on a webinar, or online meeting these days. You can present in camera mode – so you still get that personal touch. You can do screen shares, allowing you to walk through powerpoint or keynote or browser demonstrations. You can add in whiteboards, pre recorded elements and more.
You can run to ONE person, or pack the room with 3 or 400 if you want to.

The point being that with good webinar software, preferably one that also includes an online meeting component, you can add MARGIN to your sales while delivering to your customers in an easy, interactive and comfortable environment.

That's a win win and a great place to start any sale or pre qualifying meeting.

Yours in Success
Walt Bayliss
CEO of WebinarJeo 

Walt Bayliss Talks Lead Generation and Sales with Webinars


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