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Immediate Automated Webinars Spell Brilliance For Customer Retention

Immediate Automated Webinars Spell Brilliance For Customer Retention

July 14, 2017 @ 6:30 am
by walterbayliss

Step 1. Automated Webinars When Customers Join

Webinars Work. Plain and simple.

They work for sales presentations, they work for training, they work for sharing messages – but here's one thing that webinars are brilliant for, and really can leverage time as well as increase customer retention.

They work for ‘onboarding' customers as soon as they signup with you.

Especially if you run this as an automated webinar, as you can do with Webinar JEO.
You have an onboarding sequence, showing people exactly how to get started with your program.

Evergreen Webinars with Webinar JEO

Choosing Which Dates and Times It Looks Like Your Event Is Available

And enrolling people in that presentation as soon as they join serves two purposes, specifically to help with retention:
First of all, you can walk through the specifics of your setup and get people past that initial ‘what do I do now' phase.

(We all know that if you can get your customers USING the system, they will likely stay with you for the long haul)

And secondly, you can introduce a personal connection with your customers, where you don't even need to be present.

An Automated Webinar can be set to run ‘on demand' and you can make it look like it is either available immediately, or customers can opt in to a specific time and date. The benefit of this, is they add it to their calendar! Yes – they make time when it suits for them!

Step 2: Automated Webinars for the initial connection

Automated webinars can be immediately sent on signup from your customers and they can go through your steps with someone skilled,

no matter where they sign up FROM or even what timezone they are in.

Ad they can also be set to deliver a SERIES of follow ups.
Week 1 – The basics
Week 2 – How to do ‘x' in your system
Week 3 – Some advanced tips

and  this series can go as long as you like.

When you are looking at the best ways to increase your customer retention, regular webinars are pure gold.
And the great thing is, with programs like Webinar Jeo you can run both live and Evergreen (recorded) webinars. This allows you the freedom of creating an onboarding sequence ONCE and have it available forever as an automated webinar series.

Better Retention = Better Profits!
To your success

Walt Bayliss

Walt is the founder and CEO of Webinar JEO http://webinarjeo.com


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