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Facebook Live and Webinar JEO

Facebook Live and Webinar JEO

June 2, 2017 @ 3:55 am
by walterbayliss

Do You Even Need People To Register For Your Webinar Anymore? Facebook Live To Groups and Pages

Getting people to register (and then show up!) has been ever more difficult on Webinars. But now, you may not even need to bother!

Watch as we talk about Facebook Live and Webinars.

You can build massive Facebook ™ Groups and pages and then broadcast your webinar STRAIGHT INTO THEM with http://webinarjeo.com. Your Powerpoint or Keynote Presentation, Your camera, even an interactive whiteboard presentation, and all broadcast to your groups and pages on Facebook.

One of the GREAT things about that is Facebook will instantly notify everyone connected to that group or page that you have just gone live.

You can have people who haven't registered for the webinar, getting instantly notified on their preferred email address – about your presentations.

How amazing is that?

Webinar JEO and Facebook Live ™ Integration means that as you are broadcasting your webinar, straight from a power point or keynote presentation, including a browser sharing, You will now be showing your webinar to the biggest audiences on earth.

Getting people to register for your webinar is hard. But now, you can focus on building a community on facebook and simply sharing your presentation to them from Webinar JEO.

Webinars are a terrific way of sharing content with large groups of people. You can craft a presentation and walk through detailed steps with your audience easily. Webinar JEO makes that process incredibly easy.

Simply set up your webinar, (connect to the Facebook ™ live system if you choose to) and then present.

Facebook Live with A Pre Recorded Video In Your Webinar

In an additional training post, I'll even show you how you can set a part of your video to be PRE RECORDED and still post flawlessly to the Facebook ™ live integration.

This is incredibly powerful for your webinars, as you can use a pre-recorded element. Edited and looking polished, and then insert that to play ‘as live' during your event.

You can be answering questions live, on facebook itself – while the presentation is playing in the background.

Talk about powerful!

Head to http://webinarjeo.com now for more.

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