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Working With Multiple Presenters On Webinar JEO

Working With Multiple Presenters On Webinar JEO

May 3, 2017 @ 8:54 pm
by walterbayliss

Every now and then, it’s good to be able to have
someone else ‘do all the talking’,
especially on a webinar. Right?

Walt Bayliss with you from Webinar JEO
and in today’s update, I just wanted to quickly talk to you
about the way you can work with multiple presenters
on your Webinar JEO system.

There are a few methods here,
and you can trigger them
directly from above the chat box during the call.

While You are live,
Just above the chat box on the right hand side
you will see a list of participants,
which are the people on the call with you.
You can see on this screen shot
(enable images to view)
Enable Images To View
Sorry it’s a bit blurry, I took it live on an event this morning as I was presenting.

It shows WHERE to find that list I am talking about.

Above the chat box, in the right hand corner.

When you click that list,
you will see people who are with you on the event
and some icon choices
to help with making someone else the presenter.

The first Icon is a little camera
And clicking on THAT one will hand over the full presenter
mode to that specific person.
They will get a pop up, to confirm.
And once they do, they will then have full controls.
They can do video, they can share their screen
and they become the main presenter.

When you do that, You will be automatically muted.
BUT – if you want to UNMUTE so you can have a conversation
with the new presenter, perhaps asking them questions or
helping them with the presentation,
you will see a green button on the left that says
‘Unmute Self’
and by clicking that,
your attendees will be able to hear BOTH of you talking,
Whilst viewing your new presenter’s screen.

The other method is to have multiple AUDIO inputs.
So, you are the main presenter, but you want to have a couple of other people
also talking,
or simply – you want to UNMUTE THEM so they can join in the conversation.

They will need to have a microphone at their end.

This is triggered in the same way,
by clicking on that list of participants
and this time, the icon to click on, looks like a small microphone.

Again, they will be asked to confirm
and once they do – you (and the audience)
will be able to hear them, and you can have a conversation.

You can unmute up to 10 people at time.

To reverse either of these things,
as in… to take the main presenter BACK
or to turn OFF the other person’s microphone
simply do the same step

(click on the list of participants)
and click the Icon OFF
of the person you want to turn off.

I hope that helps.

Working with Webinar, it’s a common thing to have someone else
joining you on the call, so with these steps you can bring people in
either as a full presenter,
or audio only.

Great to have you with us as always
let us know on the support desk
if there is ever anything you need with your webinar system.

Yours in Success
Walt Bayliss
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