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Playing A Pre-Recorded Webinar On Facebook Live

Playing A Pre-Recorded Webinar On Facebook Live

February 20, 2017 @ 1:48 am
by walterbayliss

Webinars On Facebook Live

One of the powerful features of our Webinar Software is being able to broadcast your webinar directly to FaceBook ™ live.

this video shows the best method for adding in a pre recorded component to your webinar, and having that video play smoothly across to Facebook.

From your timeline, you can then share the webinar into Facebook groups and pages.

What this means is that you can have evergreen or pre-recorded webinars and using the Webinar JEO system, broadcast your desktop or screen share directly through to the worlds largest audience.

Playing an evergreen webinar through onto Facebook is a terrific way of increasing your webinar exposure.

For more on Webinar JEO go to: http://webinarjeo.com

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